The Trouble With Johnny

…He Can’t Read

Also excellent for adult literacy classes.


It takes Johnny years to learn how important it is to know how to read. From getting a job to driving a car…he is sorry he didn’t learn in school. It takes a request from his niece to get Johnny to a class so he can read and not only have more fun in life, but he can also help others!

The Trouble With Johnny fits into core standards for integrating knowledge and ideas, key ideas and details, and craft and structure in a fun and educational way to get kids, teachers and parents talking about the importance of reading.

What People Say

The story describes the disadvantages of not being able to read. The author does a good job of explaining to kids the advantages of reading and its importance in one’s growth. The illustrations are full of life and energy, and give pace and movement to the scenes and characters. It’s a good bedtime storybook and is also good for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. The book reiterates the fact that reading is the doorway to knowledge, and there is an adventure awaiting all readers when they walk through it.

It’s a good book for kids, with an excellent concept that will create the awareness of reading in children. The book guides readers on the path to gaining more knowledge and ideas. It is a good book for teachers and parents too when it comes to educating kids about reading. —Mamta Madhavan, Readers’ Favorite



Larry Lee Fickau






7 x 10




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About the Author

Author Larry Lee Fickau dedicates his time to the education of children. As a teacher and storyteller, he has motivated hundreds of children to tap into their inner creative spirit and help them experience the joy of reading and learning. Larry’s philosophy is that reading is power and books open the path to knowledge and imagination. He cares passionately about teaching children the value of education.

Larry’s professional background is advertising design and art direction. He lives in Winchester, Virginia, and spends much of his time as a fine arts painter and photographer.