West Virginia: Paranormal Gateway

Ghosts, Big Foot, Aliens, and more in this collection by paranormal researcher Fred Saluga.

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Winner Beach Book Festival
Runner Up San Francisco Book Festival Award 
Runner Up New York Book Festival


Winner Beach Book Festival
Runner Up San Francisco Book Festival Award
Runner Up New York Book Festival

Readers of Fred Saluga’s West Virginia: Paranormal Gateway will quickly come to the realization that when one thinks of this beautiful “Almost Heaven” state, it can in no way be separated from the long-enduring legends of sundry phenomena that have occurred here, such as Bigfoot, cryptids, ghosts, monsters, UFOs, etc., dating all the way back to its Civil War battle-born statehood acquired on June 20, 1863.

Renowned Ufologist and national award-winning author Dr. Raymond A. Keller is the contributing editor and authored the introduction of this well-researched collection of paranormal events in what some people call ‘spooky’ West Virginia.








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About the Author

Fred Saluga has been investigating Bigfoot, UFOs, and other paranormal phenomena for over 50 years. He is a licensed private investigator in the States of West Virginia, Florida, and Pennsylvania and a retired law enforcement officer and Chief of Police in Fayette County, PA. He currently serves as the State Director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in WV and the Assistant State Director of MUFON in PA.  Fred has investigated over 500 UFO cases and established MUFON’s Humanoid Research Group, which oversees the investigation of humanoid beings reported as UFO occupants.

He was the co-host of a Comcast Presentation that lasted for three years and produced television shows called “UFOs Over Pittsburgh” and now a podcast called “String Theory (40 movies) on YouTube.

He is also concurrently serving as the Director of the West Virginia Center for Unexplained Events, an organization dedicated to investigating sightings of Bigfoot, cryptids, ghosts, and other anomalous entities.  He is the Director of the Fayette County, PA Bigfoot Research Project, headquartered in Uniontown, PA.