The Unopened Present

What life lessons do you want to teach your children?

What if you don’t live to communicate them?


Richard Battle asked himself the same questions when he became a father for the first time at 45 years old. 

Runner Up New York Book Festival
Up Beach Book Festival
San Francisco Book Festival Award


Runner Up New York Book Festival
Up Beach Book Festival
San Francisco Book Festival Award

What life lessons do you want to teach your children?

What if you don’t live to communicate them?


Richard Battle asked himself the same questions when he became a father for the first time at 45 years old. In Richard’s words, “I wrote my six-month-old son, John, a letter sharing 43 Christian Scriptural truths in case I didn’t survive to teach them to him. Unfortunately, John passed three months later before he could learn these lessons.” The Unopened Present reveals a father’s love and the unopened present left behind by a life cut short. The easy-to-read format aids parents in teaching younger children and enables older children to discover the wisdom in these lessons.

What People Say

The Unopened Present is a rich treasure chest of practical, Biblical wisdom. The brief, easy-to-read lessons are relevant to all who seek to live life well. Thank you, Richard Battle, for sharing blessings that have come from your brokenness.” —Anne Graham Lotz Speaker & Author of over 20 books

 “Richard’s book is for all people, regardless of where you are on life’s journey. It was written as a letter to his son, but the topics, applications, and backup scriptures in each chapter will give any reader valuable lessons for a life well lived. Read this book and then share it with others.”  —Reagan Lambert Former Director Austin/Central Texas Fellowship of Christian Athletes

 “Raising children with integrity, strong character and resilient mental fortitude has never been more needed than in today’s confused and exposed culture. The Unopened Present will equip you to parent with confidence and inspire you to build up your family using key precepts and principles that are easily applied and discussed with all ages. The perfect homeschool resource or graduation gift to encourage youth to step forward with influence.” —Cathy Endebrock Radio and Podcast Host, “LoveTalk” on The Bridge Austin, Today’s Central Texas Christian Talk, Executive Director, Let’s Pray Today Ministries, Author, “My Voice, His Heart:

Experiencing Prayer in God’s Will”


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2 reviews for The Unopened Present

  1. Chelsy Scherba for Reader Views

    “The Unopened Present” by Richard V. Battle is a series of life lessons and biblical anecdotes that were intended for the author’s son. Concerned that he wouldn’t live long enough to bestow his knowledge, the author decided to write a list of lessons for his son to live by. Sadly, he lost his baby son before he was able to give him the present. Now these life lessons are repackaged as a gift to anyone who reads them. With both practical insight and scriptural references, this is a book that can help you grow in every area of your life.

    If you’re a fan of “page a day” readings that also have a space for you to contemplate and write down how the topic applies to you, that’s exactly what this book is designed for. The lessons are short, concisely written pieces that are only a few pages long, making the book easy and accessible for busy people. Likewise, if you have more time to ponder your circumstances, the provided lines to write your thoughts are a nice touch. The design of the book is clean and neat, and quite simple to find a topic of interest if you feel like skipping around instead of reading it cover to cover.

    The lessons are easy, common sense recommendations and wisdom with actual experiences the author had that he used to illustrate how these suggestions made an impact on him or someone he interacted with. He also included a scriptural reference after every entry that showcased how God encourages this wisdom too. All in all, I felt this was a calming, accessible book that can be the teacher you always needed, especially if you lacked such guidance in your own life.

    I recommend this book to people who enjoy a bit of workshopping. It would be ideal for book clubs or as a supplement to Bible study readings. I think teens could probably read this book with no problems, but it’s appropriate for anyone who wants to be inspired to rethink their life or continue growing, no matter their age.

    “The Unopened Present” by Richard V. Battle evolved from a sad tragedy but will help many more people who choose to embrace the lessons with an open heart. It’s not overly preachy, so if you tend to avoid Christian books for that reason, this book might be one you can make an exception for.

  2. Reviewed by Courtnee Turner Hoyle for Readers’ Favorite

    Richard V. Battle reveals the forty-three lessons he penned in December 1997 to his six-month-old son, John. In his book, The Unopened Present, Battle reinforces spiritual truths he learned from life experiences. The author was unaware that his son would never see the letter, as he died a few months later, but Battle presents it as a gift to his readers. He expands on the lessons he wrote for John, adding scriptures from the Bible and applicable stories to enhance the message. After each point, he provides space for you to relate the lesson to your life and reflect upon it later.

    John may never see the words his father penned for his benefit, but others may embrace the lessons and live a more fruitful life. Richard V. Battle presents true gems to his readers, and they apply to any generation. Quotes from the Bible, football coaches, and other successful figures strengthen his messages and support the value of each topic. As a mother of seven children, the description of his book grabbed my attention and his words resonated with me. It’s beautiful that he can share his son’s story through his work, inspiring and motivating others the way he would have encouraged his late son. Battle passes on wise lessons others may want to extend to their children or young relatives for guidance. The Unopened Present would be a perfect gift for them to pass to those they will leave behind when God calls them home.

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About the Author

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Richard V. Battle is a business consultant, speaker and the award-winning author of six books including his latest Conquering Life’s Course. He has been a public speaker and trainer for over 30 years on topics including volunteerism, leadership, sales and faith.

Currently serving on the board of directors of Alpha Kappa PSI, he also serves on the international professional business fraternity and was a past chairman. He was an executive with KeyTrak (a Reynolds and Reynolds company), and has more than 40 years of experience in sales, executive management and leadership in various business entities. He was appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry to The Texas Judicial Council and The Texas Emerging Technology Fund.

As president of the Austin Junior Chamber of Commerce (1983-1984),  the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce recognized the chapter as the Most Outstanding chapter in the United States, and the Junior Chamber of Commerce International recognized Richard as the Outstanding Chapter President in the world.

He has served on the board of many organizations including: The John Ben Shepperd Public Leadership Foundation, Boy Scouts of America, Muscular Dystrophy Association and Keep Austin Beautiful.