What’s So Special About Today?

Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year Award
Gold Readers’ Favorite International Book Award

Beautiful children’s book about counting your blessings and appreciating every day!


Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year Award
Gold Readers’ Favorite International Book Award

Love and faith abound in this beautiful children’s book by Kelsey Clark. Count your blessings and live each day to the fullest is a lesson for everyone to remember. Illustrations by award winning illustrator, Ashley Belote, brings the characters to life with humor and makes this easy reader fun for the whole family.

In her first story, Kelsey Clark has captured the simplicity of the American Dream. Through the eyes of her son and an everyday conversation between them, she highlights the joy she finds in being a mom and the simple truths of her faith. Meet a family with whom you will fall in love as you read and discover just what is special about today. —Stephen L. Wotring, Superintendent Preston County Schools, Pastor Pisgah United Methodist Church

Though they are small, children often have big thoughts and questions. In What’s So Special About Today? Clark explores these common childhood curiosities through the eyes of a young boy in a rhyme and rhythm that will engage even the most wandering mind with wonder and capture your heart along the way, too.

Full of curiosity, wonder, and purpose, Clark captures your heart while engaging the questions and curiosities of most children through rhythmic verse you and your young one will want to read again and again.–Briana Almengor, Chicken Soup for the Soul contributor, blog, writer for Gracefully Truthful, and veteran home educator


Kelsey Clark





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Illustrated by Ashley Belote




8.5 x 11

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About the Author

Kelsey N. Clark resides in small town West Virginia with her family on their farm. Kelsey is a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist but enjoys mostly the blessings of being a mom. She enjoys keeping diaries of her experiences with her children, and the phases and phrases that they share with her throughout their daily life. Through their interaction and adventure, Kelsey offers a glimpse into the mind of her children and their child-like perceptions of life and lessons-learned.

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