Interesting Numbers for Interested Folks

Excellent read for those who like numbers… and those who are curious about numbers.


I’m not a mathematician, nor do I qualify as being a scientist, but I am a very curious person, and there’s lots about numbers to stimulate one’s curiosity. For example:
• Why is the length of a mile 5,280 feet?
• What is the “Golden Ratio?”
• Why is time based on units of 60 rather than on units of 10?
• What is the largest meaningful number that exists?
• Why is the number 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 important?
If questions such as these stimulate your interest, this book is for you. If not, there are lots of incurious people in the world and you have plenty of company. In this book, Chapter 1 is about numbers in general; Chapter 2 covers memorable numbers; Chapter 3 deals with weights and measures; and Chapter 3 deals with weights and measures; and Chapter 4 discusses extraordinary numbers.


David Ritchey








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About the Author

Award winning author David Ritchey’s vocations have included: naval officer, businessman, fine art photographer, psychotherapist, researcher, and writer. His avocations have included: scuba diving, sailing, skiing, tennis, golf, gardening, woodworking, dogs, magic, bridge, and SCRABBLE.

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