A Tale for Christmas: Zach’s Quest (Chapter Book)

Mom’s Choice Award 2023
Book of the Year Award Creative Child Magazine
Runner Up London Book Festival 
Runner Up Southern California Book Festival Award

A Tale for Christmas – Zach’s Quest is a Christian adventure that follows the classic storytelling tradition of Rankin Bass films. Both children and their parents will enjoy the action-packed storyline that is filled with memorable characters, plot twists, and a strong moral message. * This magical Christmas adventure includes 30 amazing illustrations by veteran Disney artist, J.J. Varabkanich


Zoom Into Books Author
Mom's Choice Award 2023
Book of the Year Award Creative Child Magazine
Runner Up London Book Festival - Best Young Adult
Runner Up Southern California Book Festival Award - Best Children's Book

For centuries, elves at the North Pole have built millions of toys for Santa to deliver to good children all around the world. Year after year, things have run smoothly. That is, until one Christmas when an elf named Zach accidentally breaks the Divine Reactor... the main device that powers Santa’s entire winter workshop! With only 48 hours till Christmas, Santa sends Zach on a perilous mission to the peak of Mount Frostbite where the little elf must recover a rare gemstone that is key to restoring the Divine Reactor.  Zach must brave the harsh arctic environment that is filled with wild animals, severe weather, and even evil goblins. In the end, Zach will be forced to make an ultimate decision that will remind even Santa of the true meaning of Christmas.

What People Say

"Matt's book channels the heart and warmth seen in the Rankin/Bass Productions' Christmas specials and films. In our ever-changing world, Christmas stories like these are welcomed by parents and children everywhere!" --Rick Goldschmidt, Official Rankin/Bass Productions Historian/Biographer

"This imaginative novel will appeal to young readers, who enjoy adventure, fantastic surroundings, and mysterious beings, with a joyous Christmas message to boot!" --The Children's Book Review

"I enjoyed reading your book, A Tale for Christmas Zach's Quest; Great adventure with a solid Christian message!" --Santa Claus, SantaClausNorthPoleAlaska.com


Matt Dragovits



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Illustrated by J. J. Varabkanich




6 x 9

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About the Author

Matt Dragovits is proud to bring you Dawn of Legends, the prequel to his multi-award-winning picture book and chapter book adventure, Zach’s Quest. Matt is a nationally recognized video producer and editor. He is a Mom’s Choice Award Winning author and is host of Drawn Into Books – Illustration workshops for children and adults on Zoom Into Books. He lives in the Chicagoland area with his beautiful wife and three amazing children. For more information visit http://www.mattdragovits.com/

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