Dime Store Dolls

Mom’s Choice Award
A sequel to Dime Store Days – award winning author Jane Foster puts together an excellent history of dolls sold in 5 & 10 stores across America in the 1950s and 1960s.


Mom’s Choice Award
Long ago, little girls visited Dime Stores and lingered longingly in front of the shelves of dolls dressed in taffeta and lace. Though they were not the quality of department store dolls, little girls cherished them just the same. Not only has Jane Foster captured the essence of the Dime Store experience in her new book, Dime Store Dolls, but she describes the dolls so well that I feel I am once again that little girl wishing for a very special doll. Thank you, Jane, for writing a book that not only provides a wonderful history lesson, but also tugs at my heart.

Donna W. Brown-Retired, school librarian, authored articles for Antique Doll Collector Magazine, Doll Collector Magazine, Miniature Collector Magazine, and is a columnist for The Hammonton Gazette in Hammonton, NJ

Reading Dime Store Dolls is truly a walk down memory lane. As a child growing up in 1950 Burbank, California, I fondly remember saving my allowance (a nickel a week) so I could treat myself to a treasure at Neff’s Five and Dime. Through Jane’s words I can once again visualize the magic the aisles held for my childhood eyes. Dolls were my friends…whether from Santa or from the Dime Store. As an adult, I continue to love dolls, a love that was nurtured through my Dime Store visits. The Dime Store holds a special place in American history and because of Jane’s book it will not be forgotten.

-Susan Foreman, owner Once Upon a Tyme, Cambria, CA

Dime Store Dolls brings back lots of memories of my childhood when a visit to Ben Franklin or the Five and Dime was such a treat. You can relive those times as you look at the dolls that were popular then and enjoy the era all over again.

Patsy Moyer, from Las Cruces, NM, author of a variety of doll reference publications about vintage dolls and is now active in the study of modern dolls


Jane Foster





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Illustrated by Ashley Teets




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About the Author

Award winning author, Jane Foster, taught elementary school for 38 years, and then taught reading on a part-time basis at the elementary school level for five years after retirement. She is a member of Risen King Church and the Kanawha Valley Doll Club. Jane’s first children’s book is Dime Store Days and is a Mom’s Choice Award Recipient. She writes doll articles for Antique Doll Magazine, Doll News Magazine, and has written for Doll Collector (formerly Contemporary Doll) Magazine. Jane and her husband live in her native town of Hurricane, West Virginia.