Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention Best General Fiction
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention

Smalltown newspaper in rural WV is under siege by old-line politicos and their efforts to buy votes and stuff ballot boxes in the 1960 Primary Election. The newspaper is burned to the ground, but new publisher, Rick Hill, is determined to bring the paper back get the truth to the citizens Lawnsville before the election so they can make an informed decision about who to vote for in this hard fought election.

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Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention Best General Fiction
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention

New publisher of the Lawnsville Crier, Rick Hill, learns quickly the weekly paper is not only the backbone of the small rural town of Lawnsville, but how the power of the old-line politicos rules not only the local economy and jobs—their influence in local, state, and national elections comes to the forefront in this powerful new novel. New author, C.D. "Tony" Hylton, III, writes a riveting novel from his own first hand newspaper experience, on the corruption that thrives and can survive in small town America.

Watching flames leap into the spring sky as his dream turned into a nightmare was not something that Rick Hill thought about when deciding to leave a comfortable job with large company to join his father in buying a small town newspaper in Lawnsville, West Virginia.

Rick Hill would face corrupt politicians clinging to political power who would set in motion a conspiracy to burn the Lawnsville Crier to the ground to eliminate it as a source of truth in Jordan County as well embark on a plot to murder him on a deserted country road.

Could the black ink of the Crier pages overcome the mountains of election cash spent to keep the corrupt political machine in power? Was it possible that We the People would say enough and with their ballots defeat the crooks that had ruled over them for years?

Rick Hill had little confidence they would.


C.D. "Tony" Hylton, III








6 x 9

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