Hurricane: Jamar’s Story

Mom’s Choice Award
Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention Best Children’s Book
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention Best Children’s Book

As a hurricane bears down on Jamar’s town, his family shows him how to prepare and ride out this natural disaster. Includes hurricane/disaster preparedness.

Illustrated by Ashley Teets


Mom’s Choice Award
Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention Best Children’s Book

When faced with unknown dangers, Jamar forms a close bond with his family. Through his concerns for their safety, he earns the trust of his father and uncle. His newfound independence comes with a huge burden, but in the end he gains a feeling of accomplishment.

Hurricanes are only one of the many natural disasters faced by families around the world. Hurricane draws young readers into discussions about weather, family safety, and preparedness.

What People Say

Hurricane: Jamar’s Story reflects the best of the humanities through the eyes and words of a child—storytelling, local culture, human connection, and working together through adversity. Jamar shows readers that children have stories to tell, and how they can share them simply, yet powerfully.

Carolyn Allen, Program Officer, North Carolina Humanities Council

Hurricane is a true depiction of the spirits and strength of a people and a culture during one of the most horrific times in their lives. As a native New Orleanian, this book brought back memories. Certain parts conjured tears; however, it offered an ending full of hope that every child will appreciate. New Orleans is a city built upon music; it lives in our souls and carries us through any storm. Hurricane captures that.

Davondra I. Brown, MEd., Hurricane Katrina Survivor

As a life-long resident of the east coast, hurricanes are part of my life. When hurricane season begins, coastal residents begin keeping a vigil with one eye on the tropics and the other eye on their preparedness checklists. Authors Lynn Salsi and Joe Campbell have broken down these seasonal rituals from a child’s perspective in Hurricane: Jamar’s Story. Jamar, a child of elementary age, relates his family’s readiness and experiences when facing a hurricane. He communicates his story with respect and confidence in his family’s past encounters and relies on them for his safety and courage to face a most dangerous situation. Salsi and Campbell have written a book that every child living where a hurricane may someday strike should read. Adults, too, will find the content helpful and insightful in understanding what it takes to cope with these dynamic storms.

Connie Mason, North Carolina Historian and Folklorist


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Joe Campbell, Lynn Salsi






8.5 x 8.5

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Illustrated by Ashley Teets




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About the Authors

Zoom Into Books Author

Lynn Salsi, author of 19 books, is the recipient of many writing awards, including an American Library Association Notable Book Award and Historian of the Year. In 2009 she was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for The Life and Times of Ray Hicks, Keeper of the Jack Tales. Other awards include the North Carolina Historian of the Year, the Jacqueline Lougheed World Understanding Lecturer (International Alpha Delta Kappa), an American Library Association Notable Book Award, eight Willie Parker Peace History Book Awards, a Stars and Flags gold medal, and a gold medal from the Military Writers Society of America. Lynn is known for retelling ancient tales of America’s first settlers and for her travels to 18 countries to study global stories. 

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