Kill List

Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention for Best General Fiction
New England Book Festival Award

Richard Hatin pens another suspense-filled novel. This strangely motivated serial killer will baffle the reader as Hatin weaves a story that will keep you guessing!


Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention for Best General Fiction
New England Book Festival Award

New Hampshire Cold Case Investigator, Mark Atkinson, is but one of several active duty investigators working in the cold case squad of the New Hampshire State Police. He has worked long hours to catch a notorious killer who leaves no witnesses, no obvious motives, no forensics, no obvious pattern, no nothing. Then an inspiration, a breakthrough, casts new light on many cases languishing in the unsolved backlog of the cold case units of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. A pattern emerges, memories stirred and suddenly all indications are there has been a serial killer on the loose for many, many years, and perhaps the unthinkable, the killer may still be actively killing. Astonishing discoveries, unexpected breakthroughs, amazing profiling, dogged detective work and divine intervention merge into a crusade for long overdue justice.


What People Say

A brilliant novel illustrating the heartbreak of cold cases. This book chronicles a relentless investigation, playing cat-and-mouse game to solve a backlog of murders. A tristate investigative effort is focused upon brining closure to long suffering families, and justice for the victims as well as society. But then again, is it really finished?

William G Thornton, NH Attorney at Law, Specializing in Criminal Law


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Richard L. Hatin






6 x 9




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About the Author

Award-winning author, Richard Hatin, gets inspiration from his environment and his faith. His previous thrillers, Evil Agreement and Deadly Whispers are horror tales that keep you at night but always make you think about the righteous and the damned. Deadly Whispers was named Runner Up for Best Fiction at the Halloween Book Festival—also garnering Honorable Mentions for Best Fiction at the Los Angeles, Great Southeast and San Francisco Book Festivals.

He is a member of the International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, and the New Hampshire Writer’s Project. He lives with his wife, Anne Marie, in Hooksett, New Hampshire and together they have three sons, and three granddaughters.