Sabrina’s Book

Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year
Gold Reader’s Favorite International Book Award
London Book Festival Runner Up Best Children’s Book

How the power of a single book can inspire a young girl to read, learn, and go on to a higher education.


Gold Mom's Choice Award
Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year
Gold Reader's Favorite International Book Award
London Book Festival Runner Up Best Children's Book

A special book for a special girl. As a youngster, author Sabrina Runyon, started her journey to become a doctor of education in a home where love was present, but not financial stability. One day, a friend brought a book to three year old Sabrina and she couldn't wait for her mom to read it to her. She quickly memorized this single book and it was the only book she had until she went to school. This story reminds us not to take things for granted throughout our lives, and, it's a story of achievement through hard work and perseverance.

Neither of Sabrina's parents graduated from high school. Her dad, one of 17 children, quit school in the 10th grade to move to Michigan for work. Her mother, from a divorced family, had whole, half, and step-siblings. Raised by her father and step-mother, things were not good in her home. She quit school in the 12th grade.

One of 4 siblings, the author is the eldest. Her dad became a union coal miner when she was in second grade, but it was either feast or famine in Mingo County for the coal industry in the 70s to early 80s. The author worked three jobs and received financial aid to get her bachelor’s degree from Marshall University.

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Sabrina Runyon






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About the Author

Zoom Into Books Author

A native of Mingo County, WV, Dr. Sabrina Runyon has been an educator for 27 years, and also taught adult basic education and college science courses. She was a principal for eight years and currently Mingo County’s PK-8 director, Title I and Title III director, County events coordinator, and is the lead for a host of other services.

Married with two sons, she worked to get her master’s degree from Salem International University, while working full time at Tug Valley High School and part time at Southern WV Community and Technical College. Dr. Runyon finished her doctoral studies in August of 2016, from Phoenix University. Her first book, Sabrina’s Book, came about as an introductory poem to her fellow doctoral classmates in her first year of residency.

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