Stickyman Movements

Award Winning Finalist National Best Book Awards, USA Book News

Low impact exercise for ages 2 to 92!

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Award Winning Finalist National Best Book Awards, USA Book News

Stickyman Movements by Rusty McQuade is a wonderful exercise book for all ages. From seniors to help maintain independence to classroom teachers to help incorporate physical activity into the classrooms, Stickyman has provided the inspiration to so many people to help them regain and improve their health no matter what their physical handicaps may be.

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Rusty McQuade






7 x 10

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Illustrated by Ashley Teets




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About the Author

Rusty McQuade is a native of West Virginia and attended the College of Health Sciences in Roanoke, VA. She works with home health patients to help them maintain and gain muscle strength. A former Lewisburg, WV fire fighter for eight years; she was also a preschool director for fifteen years. She is a ski instructor, soccer coach and referees soccer children of all ages. Rusty has taken her life experiences and developed these simple and easy to do exercises. Stickyman Movements is easy to follow and the results have helped people maintain good muscle tone and improve general health.

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