Tavey’s First Hunt

Tavey’s learns how to hunt with his father and gains a love of nature that becomes a passion when he grows up. Excellent reader and outdoor story for 4th grade and up.

Zoom Into Books Author

Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist
Seal of Excellence Creative Child Magazine



Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist
Seal of Excellence Creative Child Magazine

For many boys and girls, the opening day of the hunting season is very exciting! Tavey is finally old enough to hunt, along with an adult. Tavey’s dad, a multi-generational sportsman, lovingly guides his son through much than just hunting. Through the larger canvas of the natural world, Tavey truly discovers a lifetime passion, but in an unexpected way.

What People Say

“Despite its title, this is not really a book about hunting. It’s about accepting differences between us. This is a beautiful book of fathers and sons who may not agree but still find their way to mutual respect and love.” – Homer Hickam, author of Rocket Boys/October Sky

 Tavey’s First Hunt is a nostalgic reminder of the gift of conversation. A story about fathers and sons; family, forged outside of bloodlines. It’s about how each human, along with every animal, is but a single part of an exponentially larger whole. – Book reviews by J.V Poore for Goodreads

“A charming story that respects our outdoor heritage and captures the wonder of a boy’s first hunting trip with his father. But Tavey learns a person can respect traditions without being limited by them. In the end, Tavey’s walk in the woods reveals a path, not only for himself, but for generations who follow. —Robert Saunders, Charleston Gazette-Mail “Outdoor Pursuits”


Daniel Boyd





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Illustrated by Hector Mexia




5.5 x 8.5

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About the Author

Zoom Into Books Author

Daniel Boyd is an acclaimed filmmaker (Chillers, Strangest Dreams, Paradise Park), a two-time television regional Emmy nominee, a multi-nominated graphic novelist (Chillers I & II, CARBON, SALT, and playwright (Paradise Park the Musical, Space Preachers the Musical, Miss Dirt Turtle’s Garden Club Musical.)

A retired media studies professor at West Virginia State University, Boyd also taught around the world including in Tanzania as a three-time Fulbright scholar. He recently retired as Artist in Residence at WV State University’s Economic Development Center.