The Adventures of Wandala

Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Runner Up San Francisco Book Festival 
Los Angeles Book Festival Award Honorable Mention 
New England Book Festival Honorable Mention 
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention
Zoom Into Books Author
Adventure to the max when Wandala’s world splits into 5 sections. She takes it upon herself to mend the culture wars in her world with the help of her special new friends on each continent.


Gold Mom's Choice Award
Runner Up San Francisco Book Festival - Best Science Fiction
Los Angeles Book Festival Award - Honorable Mention Best Science Fiction
New England Book Festival Honorable Mention - Best Children's Book
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention - Best Science Fiction
Zoom Into Books Author

Wandala's world was made up of five continents made up of five very different cultures. They quarreled over everything, especially who was the best. There were terrible fights with ugly words between the groups. One day a massive earthquake shook the ground so violently that most of the planet broke apart and fell into the sea – leaving only one island: Centrailia. The survivors quickly rushed to the far corners: North, South, East, West and set up new civilizations. Wandala dreams of bringing her world back together and sets out on a quest to accomplish this impossible feat against great odds.

What People Say

What author would dare mix lofty themes of peace and brotherhood with such a cock-eyed, zany humor as to be found in this, The Adventurers of Wandala? Only West Virginia’s Danny Boyd, Boyd whose disturbing and dystopian graphic novels have seeded hope in discerning adults, and whose early films did much the same, here ventures into the world of children’s books with this brave and heart-felt fantasy whose hope in these dark times should be welcomed by us all.

            —Marc Harshman, Poet Laureate of West Virginia


The Adventures of Wandala written by Daniel Boyd, illustrated by Hector Mexia, introduces a quietly confident, inquisitive girl. Young readers will admire her under-stated spunk as they thoroughly enjoy her adventure. Older readers may get an eerie, this-fiction-doesn’t-feel-too-far-off, vibe as they appreciate the tenacity and resolution of someone who learns to keep her head, but follow her heart.

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Daniel Boyd



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Illustrated by Hector Mexia




5.5 x 8.5

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About the Author

Zoom Into Books Author

Daniel Boyd is an acclaimed filmmaker (Chillers, Strangest Dreams, Paradise Park), a two-time television regional Emmy nominee, a multi-nominated graphic novelist (Chillers I & II, CARBON, SALT, and playwright (Paradise Park the Musical, Space Preachers the Musical, Miss Dirt Turtle’s Garden Club Musical.)

A retired media studies professor at West Virginia State University, Boyd also taught around the world including in Tanzania as a three-time Fulbright scholar. He recently retired as Artist in Residence at WV State University’s Economic Development Center.