The Pickles of Pickleton

Introducing the Dills family, residents of Pickleton, in this spin-off series from the award-winning, faith-based series I Would Love You Even If.


Introducing the Dills family, residents of Pickleton, in this spin-off series from the award-winning, faith-based series I Would Love You Even If.

All the neighbors of Pickleton are friendly and get along well together. Everyone, that is, except for one family…the Sours. Their bitterness may leave a harsh taste around town, but a very “jarring” experience changes their acidic tune. Will they learn to love their neighbors and help in the community? With puns, wit, and charm, Pickleton is indeed a sweet place to visit. The clever words and detailed illustrations will fill your imagination and bring you into Pickleton smiling.

What People Say

“The creativity and imagination of Bucleigh Kernodle never cease to amaze.  This is a must-read for children growing up in a world of divisiveness and isolation.  Through the adventures of the pickles in Pickleton, young readers will learn the invaluable lesson of the golden rule and how to treat others.  I look forward to reading this wonderful story to my grandchildren.” –Barry Giller, Head of School Charlotte Christian School

In a world full of messaging about loving ourselves, The Pickles of Pickleton remind us of the powerful impact that occurs when we simply love our neighbors.  This book is creative and fun but also full of eternal Wisdom and is just as fun for adults to read as it is for children to listen to. —Michael R. Metcalf Jr., co-author of ’12 Second Culture,’ Co-Founder DECK Leadership, Motorsports Consultant, and Former Board of Directors President of The Charlotte Rescue Mission

This sweet story of the town of Pickleton embodies the value of diversity within every community. The Pickle children’s bravery in approaching their sour neighbors is commendable and loving. Helping others saves the day! “Pickleton” wonderfully teaches our children to celebrate differences, which has an incredible impact! —- Melissa Jackson, exchange student coordinator


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About the Author

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A native of Charlotte, NC, Bucleigh Newton Kernodle has always had a passion for creative writing. Inspired by her ninth grade English teacher to spread her wings, sparked to push her limit at Elon University by her communications professors, and her editor at the Charlotte Business Journal showed her how to make words their very best selves, all culminated into a desire to write children’s books. Her faith in God is where she finds her direction. She cherishes being a wife, mother and daughter to her loving family and they have never stopped believing in her. For more information visit the author’s website HERE

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