Vulture Bend

Winner Hollywood Book Festival
London Book Festival Runner Up
Indie Book Award Finalist

New York Book Festival Honorable Mention – Best Sci-Fi/Horror
New England Book Festival Honorable Mention

Mystery, intrigue, thriller about a serial killer who leaves no clues behind.


Winner Hollywood Book Festival
London Book Festival Runner Up

Indie Book Award Finalist
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention - Best Sci-Fi/Horror
New England Book Festival Honorable Mention

From all accounts, Finn is the classic underachiever. He gets by with his looks, quick wit, and intelligence. His dark little secret is that he can sense what others are thinking. The thoughts come to him as easily as you or me recognizing a pizza aroma coming from another room. His aloof nature comes from the sorrow and pain he has sensed over the years from being bombarded by emotions that are not his own.

Finn has embodied the role as an outsider until he meets Annie. Seemingly straight laced and focused on her teaching career, she isn’t interested in Finn or his lackadaisical attitude.

Charlie began killing before Finn or Annie were born. For five decades he has gone undetected, never leaving a body or a clue of a crime being committed. He is a pure, malevolent killing machine that is invisible to law enforcement.

As Finn’s feelings for Annie grow, his senses warn him that something horrible is inevitable. But even he cannot predict that to save her, he must stand in the path of pure evil.



Don Stansberry

Year Published





Hardcover, Paperback


6 x 9



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  1. Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

    In Vulture Bend, Don Stansberry combines the paranormal with the finest elements of a good thriller to offer readers great entertainment. Finn has a special gift, one that is in itself a burden, a curse: he has the innate ability to read the thoughts of other people and to sense their emotions. This gift lurks behind the deadly pallor of his countenance, the effect of sensing and feeling the unhealthy, dirty thoughts in other people for many years. But things are about to change when he meets Annie, a beautiful woman who seems to care about nothing but her teaching job; a woman for which Finn quickly develops a strong attraction. When an elusive serial killer, Charlie — a ruthless killer who has eluded the police for five decades — targets Annie, Finn senses it. Now, he must do everything to keep her safe.

    If you love well-crafted stories with compelling characters and a gripping plot, then Vulture Bend is the story for you. The characters are well-developed and readers will enjoy the pathos around Finn. I loved the fact that he comes across as one of the neglected members of his society, one with a heavy burden which everyone seems to ignore. I enjoyed the way he grows in the story, making a swift passage from his self-imposed solitude into someone capable of walking past his fears into a relationship. Don Stansberry has a great writing style, featuring short paragraphs that are crafted for dramatic effect, great dialogues, and wonderful passages. Here is a story that will entertain readers immensely, thanks to the well-written plot, the exciting conflict, and the compelling cast of characters. It is emotionally intense and absorbing.

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About the Author

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International Award winning author, Don Stansberry, is a native West Virginian and an elementary school teacher. His new book, Vulture Bend, will be released in Boston at NEA, the National Education Association national conference. Don is the author Secret Blood, a multi award winning book that took top honors for best spiritual fiction at the London Book Festival. It was named a Winner at the Indie Book Awards at a reception at The Plaza in New York City during Book Expo America. He also authored two middle school books, Inky & the Missing Gold and Inky, Oglebee, & the Witches, and his children’s book–which he also illustrated, Crusty, was named a Finalist in the USA News Best Book Awards. Don has been a public school teacher since 1984 and always had an interest in writing. He was the head coach for the Parkersburg High Girls’ Basketball team for 16 years and retired from this position with four state championships.

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