Untold Stories of the West Virginia Flood of 1985

Memoir of those who helped West Virginians during the Flood of 1985.


Photos and memories of a $500,000,000 flood that devastated 29 counties in West Virginia and countless others in neighboring states. The efforts of one person, Connie Ware Jenkins, to help those in need is documented in this memoir of the response that went from her rallying cry. Photos that have not been seen of the November 4-5, 1985 flood are included along with stories of heroes and courage—the courage it took to recover from nature’s wrath of Hurricane Juan those two fateful November days.

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Connie Ware Jenkins




8.5 x 11

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About the Author

Born in Beverly, West Virginia, Constance Colleen “Connie” Ware was the first of three children of Hallie Mae (Smith) and James “Ross” Ware. She and her parents moved to one of the “Homestead” houses in Dailey, West Virginia, that had been built during the Roosevelt era; then back to Beverly where she attended... Read More