Flying Saucers: From Venus They Come (Book 7)

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Flying Saucers: From Venus They Come, is enormous and constitutes a wealth of beneficial information which could transform this world from its present chaotic state into a utopian society, one far-beyond today’s most optimistic conceptions.

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Zoom Into Books Author
Los Angeles Book Festival Award

A Future Beyond Imagination!

“The appearance of flying saucers in our skies has long become accepted as common knowledge. However, it has not been well known that thousands of individuals around the world have not only seen them, but have actually ridden in these craft and personally met with their occupants. What these “contactees,” as they are recognized in ufology circles, have discovered is that the pilots and other crew members of these interplanetary and interdimensional space ships are not the grotesque beings they are frequently portrayed as in our science fiction movies. Rather, they are highly intelligent, friendly men and women from civilizations who have cosmically evolved far in advance of our own.

“The scientific and technological knowledge to gain about interplanetary spaceships and life on other planets from Flying Saucers: From Venus They Come, is enormous. It constitutes a wealth of beneficial information which could transform this world from its present chaotic state into a utopian society, one far-beyond today’s most optimistic conceptions. Some of the many amazing benefits of the knowledge already received from the space people, or promised by them if we will but welcome them in a friendly manner, are the elimination of disease, poverty, and pollution. They can also assist us in appropriately dealing with the introduction of artificial intelligence and altering our economic system in such a way that all may be served. The space people can show our medical establishment how they can significantly extend the human lifespan, in addition to expanding greater personal freedom for all. There can be economic security and abundance for all. And space travel will not be the exclusive privilege of billionaires. Personal journeys to space, the Moon and other planets, even trips to interstellar space, will be enjoyed by all who are desirous of these.”

-Michael A. LaRiche,  Paranormal Investigator with Dr. Raymond Keller since the 1960s


Raymond A. Keller, Ph.D








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About the Author

Zoom Into Books Author

Raymond Andrew Keller, II, was born in Cleveland, Ohio and is a retired professor of History / Literature and lecturer of Greek and Roman Culture and Civilization and Greco-Roman Mythology at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia.  He also taught various social studies classes as an adjunct professor at West Virginia Northern Community College in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Keller has been involved in active UFO research since 1967, when he was a reporter for the Bedford Times Register in his hometown of Bedford, Ohio, and a research associate with Earl J. Neff, the founder and director of the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP). Keller established his own group in 1986, the Outer Space International Research and Investigations Society (OSIRIS) and was the publisher and co-editor with Ballarion Starr of that organization’s monthly organ, The New Millennial Star. Keller has conducted numerous excursions to UFO hot spots throughout the world and has communicated directly with extraterrestrials on many occasions. Venus Rising is his second book; the first being Emergence of the Afro-Zulians in the Transatlantic World, 1722-1811 (Lewiston, NY: Mellen Press, 2013).

He graduated from Bedford Senior High School in Bedford, Ohio and went on to honorably serve in both the United States Navy, where he was the feature editor of the Miramar Naval Air Station Jet Journal in San Diego, California; and in the United States Army, where he worked as a voice intercept operator in the Spanish language throughout Latin America. He received an associate degree in business from the University of Maryland and his bachelor of arts in world history from the University of Maryland, both degrees while on active duty. In 1989 he successfully completed the Multicultural Education Program at the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico, whence he went on to become the Director of English as a Second Language and Bilingual/Multicultural Education programs for secondary education at the Hilmar Unified School District in the San Joaquin Valley in California from 1990-1995.

Keller was employed by VENUSA (Venezuela-United States Academy) in Mérida, Venezuela, in 2001 and 2002 as an ESL instructor and editor of the textbook division. He also was attached to La Universidad Valle del Momboy in Valera, Venezuela, from VENUSA. He returned to the United States in 2002 to accept a scholarship in foreign languages at West Virginia University, receiving his master’s degree in Spanish with an emphasis on Latin American literature in May 2004. He enrolled in the doctoral program in the Department of History in the fall of 2004, and mostly taught classes on Africana Studies, with some World History and Latin America.

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