Secret Blood: The Emmanuel Shepherd Story

Winner Next Generation Indie Book Award
Winner London Book Festival
International Book Award Finalist
Great Southeast Book Festival Honorable Mention
Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention
San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention

Emmanuel Shepherd, raised in an orphanage by nuns, sits in the Oval Office with the President of the United States and learns who he is and how he came to be here. Meanwhile, it appears Earth is being threatened by an object forming in deep space and astronomers are baffled by its erratic behavior. This is the feel-good novel of the century. 


Winner Next Generation Indie Book Awards Best Spiritual Fiction
Winner London Book Festival Wild Card Category
International Book Award Finalist Best E-book
Great Southeast Book Festival Honorable Mention Best Fiction
Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention–Best Fiction
San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention Best Fiction

This is the feel-good novel of the century. From the Beatles, Central Park, and Cleveland to a TV evangelist and the Oval Office, this remarkable story hits home with real questions about current technology and the men who control it.

A covert CIA operation has achieved the unthinkable—is it part of a divine plan set in motion two thousand years ago?

This is the question a floundering priest must ask as he is catapulted into an event that will impact the course of history. Journals left after confession are proof enough, but when the FBI breaks into the church office, he takes the evidence and goes underground.

Simultaneously, scientists discover an object forming in deep space. Its behavior follows no known laws of physics. Nicknamed The Ghost by CNN, it has the ability to disappear and then reappear light-years away. Only a select group of astronomers know that it is on a collision course with Earth. The President’s Chief of Staff is the only person to have knowledge of both situations and soon realizes the presence of Christ and the detection of The Ghost are parts of the same event.

Kindle Edition Secret Blood

NOOK Book Secret Blood


Year Published



Don Stansberry


Hardcover, Paperback


6 x 9




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About the Author

Zoom Into Books Author

International Award-winning author, Don Stansberry, is a native West Virginian and an elementary school teacher. He is the author newly released Isle of Shadows, and his children’s books–which he also illustrated, Koko & Stoney Mom’s Choice Award and Crusty, named a Finalist in the USA News Best Book Awards. Don is the author of Secret Blood, a multi-award-winning book that took top honors for best spiritual fiction at the London Book Festival. It was named a Winner at the Indie Book Awards at a reception at The Plaza in New York City during Book Expo America. His second novel, Vulture Bend, is a riveting good vs. evil award-winning story. Don is also part of the Headline Kids School Show Program and does workshops at conferences. He has been a public school teacher since 1984 and has always had an interest in writing. He was the head coach for the Parkersburg High Girls’ Basketball team for 16 years and retired from this position with four state championships.

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