Isle of Shadows: The Inky Trilogy

Inky and the Missing Gold, Inky, Oglebee and the Witches and Isle of Shadows combine to make this medieval adventure of magic and mystery a wonderful middle grade and up read!

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Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist – Best Overall Design Fiction
Runner Up Beach Book Festival

San Francisco Book Festival Award
New York Book Festival Award
Paris Book Festival Award


Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist – Best Overall Design Fiction
Runner Up Beach Book Festival

San Francisco Book Festival Award
New York Book Festival Award
Paris Book Festival Award

A very small wizard named Inkydomus lives in the ruins of an abandoned castle. Because of a curse placed on his father, he has lived over three hundred years and has grown to a height of only twelve inches. His legendary adventures working for the royals are known throughout Europe. These stories have been passed down for generations among the royal and poor alike. Now after nearly a hundred years of hiding from a life he despised, he finds someone is searching for him. The thought of an adventure is surprisingly appealing and Inky allows himself to be captured and taken to a king who needs a mystery solved. The adventure he finds is far more perilous than he ever expected. A cruel king, strange creatures, a zoo full of monstrosities, and an unexpected friendship will change his life forever in the search for missing gold.


Don Stansberry








6 x 8

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  1. Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

    Isle of Shadows: The Inky Trilogy by Don Stansberry tells the tales of Inkydomus, a tiny wizard who lives in a ruined castle. Inky is more than 300 years old but still only a foot tall, because his father was cursed. Everyone knows of Inky. He’s famous across Europe, and stories about him are forever being told. Inky worked for the royals but hated his life and has been hiding for nearly a century. He discovers that someone is looking for him, and desperate for some adventure in his life, Inky lets himself be caught. Brought before a king, he learns of a mystery and sets off on a dangerous journey to solve it. On a hunt for missing gold, he must face challenges and obstacles along the way. A chance encounter leads to a new friendship, and his life is about to change, but if he can’t find the gold, it might all have been in vain.

    Isle of Shadows by Don Stansberry is a fascinating and fun series of tales set in medieval times, with a 12-inch-tall wizard as the central character. It’s full of magic and wizardry, strange creatures, some monstrous, and plenty of adventure and action, Harry Potter-esque in some ways but unique in others. This trilogy is all-in-one, so there is no waiting for the next installment, and each part is beautifully written, with intriguing descriptions and wonderful characters. If this kind of world were real, this story would instantly transport you there – that’s how authentic and vivid the descriptions are. With well-defined characters and a wonderful plot, this is a story you can lose yourself in, the perfect escape from real life for a while, and I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages.

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International Award-winning author, Don Stansberry, is a native West Virginian and an elementary school teacher. He is the author newly released Isle of Shadows, and his children’s books–which he also illustrated, Koko & Stoney Mom’s Choice Award and Crusty, named a Finalist in the USA News Best Book Awards. Don is the author of Secret Blood, a multi-award-winning book that took top honors for best spiritual fiction at the London Book Festival. It was named a Winner at the Indie Book Awards at a reception at The Plaza in New York City during Book Expo America. His second novel, Vulture Bend, is a riveting good vs. evil award-winning story. Don is also part of the Headline Kids School Show Program and does workshops at conferences. He has been a public school teacher since 1984 and has always had an interest in writing. He was the head coach for the Parkersburg High Girls’ Basketball team for 16 years and retired from this position with four state championships.

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