Indie Book Award Finalist – Suspense
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention
Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention
San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention
Readers’ Favorite Finalist

Zoom Into Books Author

Missing is a top-notch political thriller, as timely as it is terrific.

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Indie Book Award Finalist - Suspense
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention - Best General Fiction
Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention
San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention
Readers' Favorite Finalist
Zoom Into Books Author

High-level election officials mysteriously disappear from key presidential election swing states. A nursing home franchise in Minnesota keeps patients prisoner, chained to their beds. Former General Frederick Farmington, a populist candidate with a radical protectionist agenda, inexplicably soars in the polls.

Are the incidents connected? Colonel Zack Kelly and his specialized national security team suspect persons unknown within the president’s inner circle of aiding Farmington by attempting to tamper with the upcoming election.

Zack’s partner on the task force, Rene Garcia, joins the campaign of Farmington. With the election only weeks away, she uncovers a plot to rig the election by hacking into state computer systems and using artificial intelligent to “cook the books.”

Zack finds the roots of the conspiracy runs so deep they penetrate the lives of not only his team, but also his father, daughter, high-school classmates, and his first love of years ago.

Racing against time, Zack has to dig deep and use all his skills and experience to rescue his colleagues from a band of vicious killers who will stop at nothing to seize presidential power.

Not all of them will survive.

What People Say

Missing is a top-notch political thriller, as timely as it is terrific. Thriller vet Don Helin turns his sights on shenanigans arising in the days leading up to a presidential election in a tale that is both eerily prescient and scarily on point. Call Missing a book ripped from headlines we never want to see as Colonel Zach Kelly and his crack national security team race to prevent a crisis of catastrophic proportions that would change the nation forever. A tour de force destined to be shelved right alongside Seven Days in May, Advise and Consent, and Six Days of the Condor.”

Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author

“Don Helin’s new thriller, Missing, starts with a literal bang and never lets up. Old flames, old pain and problems from the past put Colonel Zack Kelly at the center of a perplexing mystery full of shocking twists and turns. His team of tough and colorful characters have returned to help him investigate a high-tech conspiracy that couldn’t be more topical. If you’re looking for an action-packed page turner with a story ripped from today’s headlines, look no further”

 — Haris Orkin, award winning author of YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE and Amazon Best Selling Author of the JAMES FLYNN THRILLERS



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  1. Reviewed By Lucinda E Clarke for Readers’ Favorite

    What if there was a conspiracy to rig the next national elections in the United States and elect a man who was prepared, even eager, to use nuclear weapons to regain America’s dominant place in the world? This is the basis of Don Helin’s book Missing. Zack Kelly returns to his hometown for a class reunion. One of his old schoolfriends dies in his arms before the event even starts. All too soon, the FBI, the local police, and the CIA are all involved in the case, which appears to reach the very highest levels. A break-in at a professor’s house in Fairfax is at first unconnected with a company owning and running five old age homes where the dementia wards are off-limits to everyone. A series of kidnappings, all of the personnel involved in the vote-counting procedures, and suspicions run high. Zack meets up with several old colleagues with whom he’s worked before, one of them going undercover, and together, they begin to peel back the levels of conspiracy and corruption.

    Missing by Don Helin is a fast-moving, page-turning thriller set in the halls of power in the United States. There is a large cast of characters, and several threads to the story as different teams investigate diverse aspects of the high-level conspiracy. The pace was excellent, it was almost believable, and I loved the way the teams all worked together to unravel the corruption crisscrossing locations and events. The dialogue flowed naturally and matched the speakers. There was a strong characterization of the villains as well, not that any of them had many redeeming features. I thought the idea of twins providing alibis for each other was clever, and then there was an extra twist to that as well. A tissue might be recommended for the last couple of pages. A good, satisfying read.

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About the Author

About the Author 

During his time in the military, Don Helin served at a number of stateside posts as well as overseas in Vietnam and Germany. He is the author of seven thrillers that draw from his military experience, including three tours in the Pentagon. He writes for TheBurg, a community magazine based in Harrisburg.

Don is the editor of the new anthology, VOICES FROM THE PANDEMIC. 2020 has brought changes in everyone’s life. Read the memoirs of healthcare workers, educators, writers and entertainers, people who have experienced loss, and a special group — elementary school students — to better understand what this period has meant to all of us.

His novel, Secret Assault, was selected as the Best Suspense/Thriller at the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. His novel, Long Walk Home, won a Five Star review at Readers Favorite Awards and his latest novel, Roof of the World, was a finalist in the 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

You can reach Don at: www.donhelin.com


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