Devil’s Backbone

Southern California Book Festival Honorable Mention-Best Fiction


Southern California Book Festival Honorable Mention-Best Fiction

Author Karl Stewart spins another good yarn in his latest book, Devil’s Backbone, the second novel in Stewart’s Legend of See Bird series.

In real life, Stewart’s grandfather was a successful rodeo cowboy known as “Red” Carpenter. Red was a Native American, a Choctaw Indian whose real name was “See Bird.”

In the first novel of the series, The Last Long Drive, Stewart introduces See Bird–the Choctaw cowboy who rode into an adventure on the last long cattle drive before the railroads made such trail drives unnecessary.

In this new novel, See Bird is a friend of “Devil Anse” Hatfield who draws See Bird into the infamous feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys. Stewart presents believable people, set against the backdrop of actual history and uses historical fact to create realistic drama.

The story is set in West Virginia, where the author was raised, so his expressive language, authentic mountain dialect and convincing sense of place come from the experience of someone who has actually lived there.

— John M. Silah, President of the Fond du Lac Area Writers, movie critic and playwright

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About the Author

Award winning author, KARL STEWART, was raised in the hills of post-WWII West Virginia, and moved to Wisconsin in his teen years, attending a Catholic seminary. Upon leaving the seminary, he enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1966, serving as a communications sergeant in the elite Green Beret Special Forces until 1969. He enrolled in the University of Wisconsin, earning a double-major degree in political science and history. In 2005 Stewart retired from teaching high school Social Studies and English to devote himself to his two passions, family and writing.

He is the author of the award-winning Legend of See Bird series, loosely based on the life of Stewart’s great-grandfather, See Bird Carpenter, a Choctaw Indian. The Green Light continues the life of Stuart Carter (based on Stewart’s father) from WWII (The Seventh Cruise) to Vietnam. Up Harvey’s Creek and Fare Thee Well Harvey’s Creek is a spin off based on the author’s life, living with a parent with PTSD. He is also the author of Good Night Sweet Dreams, an award-winning children’s book.

He and his wife live in rural Wisconsin on a pine-lined ridge with a stunning view to the south, echoing his West Virginia childhood playgrounds.



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Good Night Sweet Dreams, a children’s book

The Seventh Cruise – Based on stories told to the author by his father, vivid recounting of war, heartaches, and victories for a West Virginian in the US Navy.

Up Harvey’s Creek  – Something is terribly wrong with Junior Carter’s father. Stu, a veteran of four years of naval combat in WWII, has become increasingly erratic and violent, threatening the stability of the family. Eleven year-old Junior concludes it is his task to find and fix whatever has gone wrong. Discussion of PTSD

Fare Thee Well, Harvey’s Creek – The touching conclusion to the poignant tale of a young boy’s sense of loss, grief and ultimate healing.

The Legend of Seebird: The Last Long Drive – based on the author’s grandfather, Seebird, set in the 1800s and really does have cowboys and Indians. – Watch on Zoom Into Books YouTube Channel HERE

The Legend of See Bird: Devil’s Backbone. Second in the See Bird Western series dealing with the Hatfield-McCoy family feud. Background and reading –  Watch HERE

The Legend of See Bird: Kiamichi. The final novel in the ‘See Bird’ Western trilogy. Background and reading