Our Best Tomorrow (eBook)

Students Teaching Capitalism to America

Mom’s Choice Award-Gold
WINNER Great Southeast Book Festival
eLit Book Awards-Silver

Los Angeles Book Festival Honorable Mention
San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention
Great Midwest Book Festival Honorable Mention

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Mom’s Choice Award-Gold, Young Adult Books: Self-Improvement

WINNER Great Southeast Book Festival–Business/Technology
eLit Book Awards-Silver, Best Book Political/Economics
Los Angeles Book Festival Honorable Mention
San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention Best Business Book
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention
Great Midwest Book Festival Honorable Mention Best YA Book

Lauren Hudson steps out of the classroom to give us no-nonsense lesson on making it in America by following the lives of three friends and their climb to success. Her father, Robert Hudson, adds lessons and tips from our history with a clear eye on building the American Dream. Starting young will increase our children’s ability to achieve financial independence through education, hard work, and perseverance-lessons and values we know, but sometimes get lost in our ever increasing political environment.

How successful can our youth be in America? If we create the best business climate in the world, there is no limit. Can Isabella, a once poor, unpopular girl, with no friends, someday become a business owner, a Governor, or even President of the United States? In America, anything is possible.

Students who read Our Best Tomorrow will cast aside notions of false utopias to embrace the principles of hard work that made America great. Our Best Tomorrow sets the record straight, through the captivating stories of three childhood friends. Isabella, Jake and Adelaide experience success, setbacks, heartache, and joy as they make their way in the world, striving for American exceptionalism.

Our Best Tomorrow is the student follow-up book to Robert D. Hudson’s A Better Tomorrow – Fighting for Capitalism and Jobs in the Heartland. A Better Tomorrow became an Amazon #1 Hot New Release and Bestseller. It received the Silver Medal in the National E-Lit Awards and the New York Book Festival recognized it as one of the nation’s best business books in 2013.

Rob’s daughter, Lauren Hudson, a gifted 13-year-old writer, co-authored Our Best Tomorrow. Capitalism is about success and freedom. Accordingly, the authors have studiously avoided party politics and political labels. Our Best Tomorrow presents an optimistic, unabashedly pro-business, opportunity-based message tailored for America’s youth.

What People Say
In “Our Best Tomorrow,” Rob and Lauren teach principles which, at times, have been overlooked in public school curricula. The book reminds our youth that in America, with hard work, education, and freedom we can achieve anything. It encourages critical thought about our businesses and government, contributing to a student’s solid foundation for life. –Chris McDaniel, Kentucky Senator, President and Owner, McD Concrete


Lauren E. Hudson, Robert D. Hudson






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About the Authors

Award-winning author, Lauren Hudson, co-authored her first book, Our Best Tomorrow, at age thirteen. She is the recipient of a Mom’s Choice Gold Award, E-Lit Silver Award, Great Southeast Book Festival Award and young adult book awards at the New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco Book Festivals. A student at Dixie Height High... Read More

Rob is an attorney and owner of the law firm Frost Brown Todd, LLC, representing businesses in the firm’s labor and employment law practice group. Rob has been immersed in his region’s economic development for over two decades. He helped lead Northern Kentucky’s two largest business organizations, as Chair of the Northern... Read More