26 Card Tricks

For the Intermediate Level Magician Using a Standard Deck

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Keep it simple, yet keep it mystifying is what this book is all about. Most books that have been written on the subject of card magic are either directed toward the novice, and hence the tricks are utterly transparent, or else they are directed toward the expert, and hence require countless hours of practice as well as top-notch eye-hand coordination.

Here are offered 26 easy tricks that are effectively mystifying when performed for the layperson but don’t require great skill or considerable training. All of these tricks can be performed using standard card decks. None require gimmicked decks, multiple props, or extensive preparation.

Chapter #1 deals with the techniques necessary to perform the tricks. Chapter #2 presents 9 tricks that require no props or preparation, and use a single deck. Chapter #3 presents 17 tricks that require some (minimal) props and/or preparation. Chapter #4 has to do with routines — the combining of two or more tricks to create a package that has continuity and depth. Chapter #5 is about “patter” — the verbal “glue” that holds a routine together and makes it more interesting for the viewers.


“For anyone interested in how magic works this book is for you. It is no nonsense and has detailed descriptions of the card tricks for the beginner to intermediate. A great way to learn, and along with Ritchey’s tips for entertaining the audience that really brings a new element of fun into the awe of magic.”–Molly (Quakertown, PA)
“I have been searching for a way into the world of magic and card tricks is one of the best ways I’ve been recommended to start. Having previewed various books, I’ve discovered “26 Card Tricks”, by David Ritchey. This particular card trick book is easy reading and easy navigating. It clearly defines the tricks so they are easily understood and executed. I highly recommend “26 Card Tricks” if you are looking for just the right book to learn your “magical powers”!”–Danielle (Doylestown, PA

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After being educated in economics at Yale University, David Ritchey served five years as an officer in the U.S. Navy, including a year in Vietnam. Back in civilian life, he initially became a businessman as he had been trained but, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, he dropped out, got a divorce, moved to a remote old stone farmhouse... Read More