Buried Relics

New military thriller from Don Helin – From a failed drug program in Afghanistan to the lost civilization of Atlantis, Colonel Zack Kelly is pulled into an insidious, wide-ranging scheme to revive the program.

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From a failed drug program in Afghanistan to the lost civilization of Atlantis, Colonel Zack Kelly is pulled into an insidious, wide-ranging scheme to revive the program. With dangerous secrets lurking behind every lead, Zack has to determine how the possibility of space aliens and Mayan artifacts relate to the Afghanistan River Dance program.

Zack isn’t alone in the search, the result being one partner on his staff is shot and lays near death, the other kidnapped to Mexico. Zack must uncover the truth before a mafia boss kills one or both of his partners.

What People Say

“An intriguing blend of military thriller and fringe archeology, Buried Relics begins and ends with a bang. Geopolitical thriller fans, this is your jam (and Colonel Zack Kelly is your man!)” —J.L. Delozier, award-winning author of The Photo Thief

Buried Relics is an archetypal model for the twenty-first-century thriller. Genre vet Don Helin has struck a perfect balance between societal issues, duplicitous politics, and slam-bang action. His stalwart hero Zach Kelly helps plant his latest in the same hallowed ground as Brad Taylor, Brad Thor, and Mark Greaney. Terrific in all respects.”—Jon Land, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“Zack Kelly is back in his wildest adventure yet! Don Helin combines devious plot twists with a deft hand at character development for this awesome new thriller. Highly recommended!” —Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of Cave 13 and The Sleepers War

“Fast moving and cunningly wrought. A thrilling tale weaving U.S. national security, a Mafia kingpin, the ancient civilization of Atlantis, and a failed operation in Afghanistan into a taut plot sure to please.” —David McCaleb, national bestselling author of Vestmen’s Gale



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About the Author

About the Author 

During his time in the military, Don Helin served at a number of stateside posts as well as overseas in Vietnam and Germany. He is the author of seven thrillers that draw from his military experience, including three tours in the Pentagon. He writes for TheBurg, a community magazine based in Harrisburg.

Don is the editor of the new anthology, VOICES FROM THE PANDEMIC. 2020 has brought changes in everyone’s life. Read the memoirs of healthcare workers, educators, writers and entertainers, people who have experienced loss, and a special group — elementary school students — to better understand what this period has meant to all of us.

His novel, Secret Assault, was selected as the Best Suspense/Thriller at the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. His novel, Long Walk Home, won a Five Star review at Readers Favorite Awards and his latest novel, Roof of the World, was a finalist in the 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

You can reach Don at: www.donhelin.com


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