Reviewing the Montauk Legend

The Legend has to do with UFOs, invisibility, time travel, teleportation, mind control, weather control, conspiracies, and other similarly esoteric subjects.

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Winner Paris Book Festival
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention

Fact can be stranger than fiction because fiction needs to stay within the realm of what is possible; fact does not.  The Montauk Legend, which has to do with UFOs, invisibility, time travel, teleportation, mind control, weather control, conspiracies, and other similarly esoteric subjects, is sufficiently bizarre that it seems to lie outside the realm of possibilities, and therefore it just might be fact.

Intrigued, and overriding my natural skepticism, I decided to dig as deeply as possible into the subject matter in the hope of determining what elements, if any, were factually accurate.  Since the extant literature made its authors appear to be raving madmen, I decided to take a different approach to my research, and enlisted the aid of a psychic colleague, who knew nothing about the Legend, to help me determine what “really” happened.  While psychic readings can hardly be considered the best source of factual data, I reasoned that if what she had to say dovetailed closely with what was in the literature, the paralleling of information from two entirely disparate sources might go a long way toward establishing credibility.

What we discovered was absolutely fascinating, and our findings are revealed in this book.

This book was first place winner in its class at the 2013 Paris Book Festival, and won honorable mention in its class at the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival.


David Ritchey






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About the Author

After being educated in economics at Yale University, David Ritchey served five years as an officer in the U.S. Navy, including a year in Vietnam. Back in civilian life, he initially became a businessman as he had been trained but, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, he dropped out, got a divorce, moved to a remote old stone farmhouse and took up fine art photography as his vocation, winning over 60 awards during the next fifteen years.

During that period, he became fascinated with the psychology and neurology of both creativity and metaphysics and returned to school to train as a psychotherapist. During his fifteen years of clinical practice specializing in hypnotherapy, he undertook a twelve-year project to research and write about such subjects and his first book, The H.I.S.S. of the A.S.P., was published in 2003. Writing proved to be every bit as rewarding as photography and became his primary vocation. Being an inveterate learner, he focused on non-fiction subjects, enjoying the research as much as the writing. His more than forty published works have won over 25 literary awards. His books can be found at and online book stores.

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His avocations have included scuba diving, sailing, skiing, tennis, golf, gardening, woodworking, dogs, magic, bridge, and Scrabble. He has two adult children, Harper and Mac, and one almost-adult grandchild, Brendan. He lives in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and spends most of his time either writing or engaging in stimulating conversations over restaurant meals with close friends.


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