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Zoom Into Books!

Interactive Presentations, Workshops, Author Readings!

Headline Books invites you to meet the best of  the best of award-winning authors up close and personal from the comfort of your own home!

Join our Headline Authors for a fun and educational video presentation during the stressful times our country is going through. Staying at home can be challenging for some, so take a time out and meet our award-winning authors, close up and at home!

We have a wide variety of programs by age or by subject. Using video Zoom, you can interact with the authors, ask questions, and even do crafts!

You will also have an opportunity to purchase an autographed book if you wish, and watch the author personalize it to you or your child.



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August 4

12:00 pm ET – Donald J Fraser – The Growth and Collapse of One American Nation – Register HERE

August 5

4:00 pm ET – John H. Brown – Augie’s World with guest Interviewer Burke Allen Register HERE

August 6

4:00 pm ET – Lew Dobbins – Behind the Microphone with Guest Interviewer Burke Allen Register HERE

August 8

7:00 pm ET – Dr. Raymond Keller – The Vast Venus Conspiracy
Register HERE

September 21

2:00 pm ET – P J O’Rourke – NY Times Best Selling Author with Guest Interviewer Rick Robinson Register HERE

September 22

4:00 pm ET – Melissa Ridenour – What Would You Do? – Discussion and reading about teaching kids to be safe. Register Here


Meet the Zoom Into Books Authors Here

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Coming Soon to Zoom Into Books YouTube Channel

    • Colleen Driscoll – Piper the Elf Trains Santa 
    • Lauren Hudson – The Ascension – Developing a story through plot
    • Lauren Hudson – The Deception
    • Millie Snyder – Lean and Luscious 
    • Millie Snyder – Lean and Luscious – Meatless
    • Millie Snyder – Lean and Luscious Mediterranean
    • Don Helin – During these troubled days, consider documenting your story in a memoir 
    • Lauren Hudson – The Deception – Developing a story through conflict
    • Lisa McCombs – Bombs Bursting in Air: Recognizing our country’s military veterans
    • Don Helin – The importance of believable villains 
    • Shannon Bennett Campbell – Color Me A Mountaineer 
    •  Lauren Hudson – The Redemption – Developing a story through growth
    • Dr. Raymond Keller Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus
    • Lisa McCombs – I Have MS. What’s Your Super Power?
    • Beth Benedix, Guest Author – Ghost Writer (A Story about Telling a Holocaust Story)
    • Don Helin – Memoir Workshop – Research and Story Structure in the New Normal
    •  Joel Burcat – Environmental “Eco” thriller fiction
    • Colleen Driscoll – Piper the Elf and Santa’s Rockin’ Band
    • Don Stansberry – Children’s Book – Crusty 
    • Don Helin – Memoir Workshop – First Sentence, first page, first chapter. How to hook your reader?
    • Teresa Power –  Little Mouse Adventures: Yoga at the Zoo 
    • Angie Wilson – Gracie’s Guide to Cyber Safety
    • Diana Pishner Walker Hopping to America Series – A Rabbit’s Tale of Immigration 
    • Deb Brandon, Guest Author – But My Brain Had Other Ideas (and) Threads Around the World 
    • Don Helin – Memoir Workshop – How to Develop Believable Characters and Interesting setting.
    • Dr. Raymond Keller – Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure. Meet the Venusians that live and work among us, conducting their clandestine missions of peace on Earth
    • Don Helin – Memoir Workshop – Point of View and Dialogue. Who’s telling the story and what are they saying?
    • B. Lynn Goodwin, Guest Author – Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife at 62
    • Rusty McQuade – Hygiene for kids with The Tattletale Bathtub!
    • Susanna Liller –  You Are a Heroine: A Retelling of the Hero’s Journey
    • Pat DiCesare – Backstage stories from Hard Days Hard Nights with guest interviewer Burke Allen from Allen Media Strategies
    • Dr. Raymond Keller  – The Vast Venus Conspiracy. Dr. Keller introduces his latest book on the massive UFO cover-up and the true identity of the saucer pilots.
    • Don Helin – Memoir Workshop Wrap UP 
    • Diana Hart Trainer, writer, and artist Diana Hart Smith was born into Stu and Helen Hart’s legendary pro wrestling family in 1963 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
    • Dr. Raymond Keller – Rockets to Venus
    • Diana Pishner WalkerHopping to America: LaBafana 
    • Colleen DriscollPiper the Elf’s Big Surprise 
    • Mary J. Ruwart, Ph.D. – Death by Regulation: How We Were Robbed of a Golden Age of Health and How We Can Reclaim It
    • Grant Maloy SmithFly Possum Fly
    • Tom Conway – The Naughty List
    • Sabrina Runyon – Sabrina’s Book
    • Matt Dragovits – Zach’s Quest: A Christmas Tale
    • Paula Christian Kliger, PhD – Power your Heart…You power your Mind: Self-Study then Build a Bridge to Someone
    • Dr. Raymond Keller – The Vast Venus Conspiracy
    • Marcus Kirsch – The Wicked Company