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Zoom Into Books!

Interactive Presentations, Workshops, Author Readings!

Headline Books invites you to meet the best of  the best of award-winning authors up close and personal from the comfort of your own home!

Join our Headline Authors for a fun and educational video presentation during the stressful times our country is going through. Staying at home can be challenging for some, so take a time out and meet our award-winning authors, close up and at home!

We have a wide variety of programs by age or by subject. Using video Zoom, you can interact with the authors, ask questions, and even do crafts!

You will also have an opportunity to purchase an autographed book if you wish, and watch the author personalize it to you or your child.

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2023 Author Schedule  

Drawn Into Books with author, illustrator, film producer Matt Dragovits. Watch for dates for this new series of art lessons with one of the best in the business!

May 2023

May 11 — Storytime!!

  • 2:00 pm EST The Day the Snapdragons Snapped Back with multi-award-winning Author Melinda Chambers. Beulah’s snapdragons are uprooted and one sad puppy learns a valuable lesson!  Register Here 

May 24 — Storytime!! 

  • 4:00 p.m. EST – Mom’ s Choice Award Winner Marcie May, author of The Adventures of Penny & Tubs – an undersea story about Penny and her cat, Tubs, who learn about different cultures and make new friends! Register HERE

May 26 — Storytime!!!

  • 4:00 pm EST  – Award Winning Author Rusty McQuade reading The Tattletale Bathtub! Register Here


Meet the Zoom Into Books Authors Here 

Meet the Authors Extravaganza! Get Autographed Books!

Spring Fling Author Celebration!

Thriller Night

  • Rick Robinson, Don Helin, and Eliot Parker discuss books, their new forthcoming books, writing tips and more. Trivia and Prizes! Watch Here


  • Tony Hylton –  discuss books, events, writing tips and more. Trivia and Prizes! Watch Here
  • Dave Shelton and Jan Thornton Jones discuss books, events, writing tips and more. Trivia and Prizes! Watch Here
  • Don Helin, Joel Burcat, and Dennis Hetzel Watch Here
  • Carl Hare author of Odysseus: On the River of Time Book One, discussion and reading Watch Here
  • Kevin D. Miller, Richard Hatin, and Karl Stewart Watch Here
  • Karl Stewart and Lee Doty Watch Here
  • Award-Winning Author Karl Stewart discussing his WWII novel, Seventh Cruise Watch Here



  • Kraig Kann – Discussing Can You Get Our Attention! and Golf! Watch Here
  • Jeff Weber, Stevie Dupin, and Don Helin –  discuss books, events, writing tips and more. Watch Here
  • Dr. Raymond Keller, Ufologist, discusses his book series. Watch Here
  • Heidi Ruby Miller and Contributors of Many Genres One Craft: Lessons in Writing Popular Fiction Watch Here
  • Dreama Denver, Joe Coleman, and Don Helin Watch Here
  • Author Harold Phifer – Surviving Chaos, How I Found Peace at A Beach Bar Watch Here

Children’s Books

  • Suzanne Alexander, Millie Snyder, and Eileen Cooley Watch Here
  • Tim Packman – Children’s NASCAR Book Watch Here 
  • Leonard Eckhaus and Grant Maloy Smith Watch Here

Watch these Zoom Into Books Presentations Now! More HERE

  • Angie Wilson – Gracie’s Guide to Cyber Safety Watch HERE
  • Ashley Belote, illustrator of Frankenslime with guest interviewer Burke Allen Watch HERE
  • A Fish Ate My Homework: A Beginner’s Guide to Fly Fishing with Rick Robinson and Wade DeHate Watch HERE  
  • A. Keith Carreiro author of the Immortality Wars Watch Here
  • B. Lynn Goodwin, Guest Author – Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife at 62 Watch HERE
  • Bella Lynn Thompson discussing her new book, Sudden Widow – Watch HERE
  • Bernard Dillard – Meet the author and Discussion – Two ‘Til Midnight: A Novel Watch HERE
  • Beth Benedix, Guest Author – Ghost Writer (A Story about Telling a Holocaust Story)Watch HERE
  • Beth Kallman Werner fromAuthor ConnectionsWatch HERE
  • Beverly Kievman Copen with Guest Interviewer Burke Allen, It’s Your Life,Isn’t It? – Throughout life we are faced with challenges that are outside of our control. This book offers you life tools to deal with changes and difficult times. This is your choice….It’s Your Life, Isn’t it? Watch HERE 
  • Black History Month and The Power Of Music and Friendship. Meet Music Legend and Award Winning Author Joe Coleman, former lead singer of The Platters, with guest interviewer Burke Allen Watch HERE 
  • Bobby Benavides – Gregory’s Big Move Watch HERE
  • Bruce McLaughlin author of He Said, She S.A.I.D. with guest interviewer Burke Allen Watch HERE
  • Calvin Fisher author of NORTHFIELD SAGE: Apocalypse Bounty with guest interviewer Burke Allen Watch HERE
  • Carter Taylor Seaton – Watch HERE
  • Clifford Browder author of The Forbidden Brownstones Watch HERE</a>
  • Coal Country Musical written by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen- featuring original music written and performed by Grammy Award winner Steve Earle with guest interviewer Burke Allen Watch HERE
  • David Fisher – New York Times Best Selling Author with guest author Burke Allen Watch HERE
  • David Selby, actor and award-winning author with guest interviewer, Burke Allen of Allen Media Strategies – Watch HERE
  • Dayle Dabney – Corinne’s Fin- children’s book about overcoming adversity – Watch HERE
  • Deb Brandon, Guest Author – But My Brain Had Other Ideas (and) Threads Around the World Watch HERE
  • Derek McFadden –  What Death Taught Terrence Watch HERE
  • Don Bentley with guest interviewer Dennis Hetzel discussing his newest novel, Tom Clancy Target Acquired (A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel)Watch Here
  • Don Bentley, the New York Times bestselling author of Tom Clancy Target Acquired (2021) is back to deliver the highly anticipated and electrifying third installment of his beloved Matt Drake thriller series. Shaped by his own remarkable military background, HOSTILE INTENT (Berkley Hardcover; on sale May 3, 2022) is part military thriller and part spy novel that will appeal to readers who love the action and grit of Tom Clancy and are also drawn to the covert world of political espionage. Guest interviewer, Dennis Hetzel Watch HERE 
  • Don HelinFirst Sentence, first page, first chapter. Watch HERE
  • Don Helin – Memoir Workshop – First Sentence, first page, first chapter. How to hook your reader? – Watch HERE
  • Don Helin – Memoir Workshop – How to Develop Believable Characters and Interesting setting Watch HERE
  • Don Helin – Memoir Workshop – Point of View and Dialogue. Who’s telling the story and what are they saying? – Watch HERE
  • Don Helin – Writing Workshop Point of View – Watch HERE
  • Don Helin – Missing – Watch HERE
  • From Army Regulations to Novels with Don Helin Watch HERE
  • Eliot Parker – A Final Call Watch HERE
  • Elizabeth Moseley – The Garden and the Glen Watch HERE
  • Gerry Hadden author of Everything Turns Invisible Watch HERE
  • Jacquese Groves –  Sassy Sisters vs The Sock Monster Watch HERE
  • Jared Dixon –  Corrupted: The Truth Shall Be The Nail In Your Coffin Watch HERE
  • Jeff Weber, You Sound Amazing! Naughty & Nice Tales of the Music Business! Watch HERE
  • Hope in the Heartache: The Journey of Grace and Growth with a Special Needs Child  – Author Kelly Speck with guest interviewer Burke Allen. Watch HERE
  • My Time To Shine, with Joe Coleman and Joe Blunt, the former lead vocalists of the legendary Platters and Drifters talk timeless music with guest interviewer Burke Allen from Allen Media Strategies Watch HERE
  • Phoenix, Oregon – meet the actors, producers, and more with guest interviewer Burke Allen of Allen Media Strategies –Watch HERE
  • Raymond Keller – Venus Rising SeriesWatch HERE
  • Stephanie Storey – Raphael – A Painter in Rome – Watch HERE
  • Susanna Liller –  You Are a Heroine: A Retelling of the Hero’s Journey Watch HERE
  • Teresa Power –  Little Mouse Adventures: Yoga at the ZooWatch HERE
  • Tom Conway – The Naughty List Watch HERE
  • Voices From the Pandemic with Don Helin, Lisa McCombs, Connie Cousins and Jennifer Diamond Watch HERE
  • Voices From The Pandemic with Editor Don Helin and Contributors Sabrina Runyon, Krystian Leonard, Don Stansberry – Watch HERE
  • Coal Mine to Courtroom: A Quadriplegic’s Memoir of Relentless Faith, Courage, and Eternal Success  by W. Ron Adams and Fred Anderson Watch HERE
  • Larry Lockridge  discussing his new release, The Cardiff Giant –Watch HERE
  • Lauren Hudson The Redemption – Developing a story through growth Watch HERE
  • Lee Doty – Murder Mystery – Last Casualty
  • Leonard Eckhaus – If I Were A Pony – Watch HERE
  • LINDA  J. M. HOLLOWAY – Award- Winning Children’s Book Author – I Love My Happy Hair – Watch HERE
  • Lisa Foster, author of Bag Lady: How I Started a Business for a Greener World and Changed the Way America Shops with Guest Interviewer Burke Allen of Allen Media Strategies Watch HERE
  • Marjory Henderson author of As Living Stones: My Five Years in Saudi Arabia Watch HERE 
  • Harlem Globe Trotter Nate Branch discusses his new book, Playing My Way Through Life with guest interviewer, Burke Allen Watch HERE
  • Nasir Shansab with guest interviewer Burke Allen – Silent Trees Watch HERE 
  • Sandy Tritt – Writing Workshop “The Gawking Narrator” – Watch HERE
  • Stephanie J. Miller – ZERO WASTE LIVING, THE 80/20 WAY with guest interview Burke Allen – Watch HERE
  • STRANGE FIRE: New Environmental Thriller by JOEL BURCAT with Guest Interviewer Burke Allen Watch HERE
  • Susan Chapman – discussion and reading of Grumpy the Iguana Watch Here
  • Tom Bowman – Empowering Climate Action in the United States Watch Here
  • Twenty Year War Watch Here
  • Twins – a new novel by Don Helin Watch HERE  
  • Valenslime for Valentine’s Day! Meet award-winning illustrator Ashley Belote. She will be drawing for us today and reading newly released Valenslime. Watch HERE 
  • Vanessa Ferlaino – Author of Human with guest interviewer Burk Allen Watch HERE
  • Voices From The Pandemic with Don Helin, Lynn Salsi, Dick ViethWatch HERE

Coming Soon to Zoom Into Books YouTube Channel

  • Author Julie Potter – Harnessing the Power of Grief Watch HERE
  • Author Lisa McCombs – The Day Ted Williams Came to Town Watch HERE
  • Award-Winning Author Dr. Raymond A. Keller – Flying Saucers and the Venus Legacy Watch HERE
  • Award-Winning Author Rob Quillen discussing his book, Why Wait? A 911 memoir Watch HERE
  • Award-Winning Author Sandra Warren – Obsessed By A Promise Watch HERE
  • Calvin B. Fisher brings us another riveting Apocalyptic novel in The Northfield Saga series – Stormrise Watch HERE 
  • Diana Pishner Walker discussing her new book, Hop & Trot Watch Here
  • Don HelinMemoir Workshop – Research and Story Structure in the New Normal – Watch HERE
  • Don Helin – The Benefits and Challenges of Series Characters – Watch HERE
  • Don Helin – During these troubled days, consider documenting your story in a memoir –
  • Don Helin – The importance of believable villains
  • Don Stansberry – Children’s Book – Crusty – Watch HERE
  • Raymond A. Keller –  Finding Your ET Connection  Watch HERE
  • Raymond Keller – Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure. Meet the Venusians that live and work among us, conducting their clandestine missions of peace on Earth – Watch HERE
  • Raymond Keller Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus Watch HERE
  • Raymond Keller – Lady Columba – Watch HERE
  • Raymond Keller – Rockets to Venus – Watch HERE
  • Raymond Keller – Stories Behind the Current UFO Flap –Watch HERE
  • Raymond Keller, foremost UFOlogist discussing Multidimensional Venus Watch HERE
  • Flying Saucers: From Venus They Come with Dr. Raymond Keller Watch HERE
  • Happy Book Birthday, LISTEN UP, LOUELLA! Meet author/illustrator Ashley Belote Watch HERE
  • Joel Burcat – Amid Rage with guest interviewer Burke Allen from Allen Media Strategies Watch HERE 
  • Joy Held, author of Writer Wellness – Watch HERE
  • Katherine D. Graham –  The Vow That Twisted Fate 
  • Keith Carreiro – Send Down the Master in Person: Reflections on Adolph Eichmann Watch HERE
  • Ken Conklin – Norvel: An American Hero 
  • Kevin D. Miller, author of Eyes of Morpheus, with Guest Interviewer Burke Allen Watch HERE
  • Kraig Kann Discussing the PGA Championship and Can You Get Our Attention?
  • Larry Hilton, author of Streets of Tears, WWI drama Watch HERE 
  • Lynn Salsi – Firefight on Vietnam Brown Water – Watch HERE
  • Meet Mom’s Choice Honoree, Dayle Dabney, discussing her new children’s book, Corinne’s Team. Second in the Corinne series! Watch HERE
  • Michael G Betrus with guest interviewer Burke Allen  –  Covid-19 The Science vs. The Lockdowns Watch HERE
  • Pat DiCesare – Backstage stories from Hard Days Hard Nights with guest interviewer Burke Allen from Allen Media Strategies – Watch HERE
  • Peter Golenbock, author of Whispers of the Gods: Tales from Baseball’s Golden Age, Told by the Men Who Played It, with guest interviewer Burke Allen Watch HERE
  • Richard V. Battle author of Made in America with Guest Interviewer Burke Allen Watch Here
  • Rocket Boys Virtual Festival, sponsored by Theater West VirginiaWatch HERE
  • Voices From The Pandemic with Editor Don Helin and contributors Stacie Haas, Joyce Nissley, and Dennis Hetzel –Watch HERE
  • Voices From The Pandemic with editor Don Helin, Rick Robinson, Frank Pandora, Suzanne Alexander – Watch HERE
  • Voices From The Pandemic with editor Don Helin,  Robert Furey, and Donna Leiss Watch HERE
  • Karl Stewart, author of newly released, The Green Light – a Stu Carter book that shines brightly on a largely unacknowledged chapter of the American story. Watch HERE 
  • Joel Burcat with Guest Interviewer Burke Allen discussing Burcat’s multi award-winning trilogy of environmental novels. Watch HERE 
  • Kaitlyn Dorroh, author of Adam’s Cape: The Missing Crew Watch HERE 
  • Dreama Denver gives us a ‘Sneak Peek’ into her new children’s book, Four Bears in a Box: Back to the Beach with guest interviewer Burke Allen. Watch  HERE
  • Bill Dutcher author of How Did I Do That?: A Life of Risk and Reward Watch HERE 
  • 2022 West Virginia Book Festival – See Wrap Up HERE
  • L. Scott Briscoe author of 99 Legal Tips with Guest Interviewer Burke Allen. Watch HERE
  • David Dorsen, author of Judicial Mayhem with Guest Interviewer Burke Allen Watch HERE 
  • Bill Rasmussen, Founder of ESPN, with Guest Interviewer Burke Allen. Watch HERE
  • Meet multi-award-winning military thriller writer Don Helin on Zoom Into Books! He will be discussing his newest book, Twins. Watch HERE
  • Meet multi-award-winning author Suzanne Alexander reading The Tip of the Tale – Chicken dinner? Not today for a fox outwitted by cats and chickens. Wonderful humorous tale for the whole family! Mom’s Choice Award and Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner Watch HERE
  • Simon Van der Velde, author of The Silent Brother. Born in the UK, Van der Velde writes a thriller that has been long listed by CWA! Watch HERE