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Zoom Into Books!

Interactive Presentations, Workshops, Author Readings!

Headline Books invites you to meet the best of  the best of award-winning authors up close and personal from the comfort of your own home!

Join our Headline Authors for a fun and educational video presentation during the stressful times our country is going through. Staying at home can be challenging for some, so take a time out and meet our award-winning authors, close up and at home!

We have a wide variety of programs by age or by subject. Using video Zoom, you can interact with the authors, ask questions, and even do crafts!

You will also have an opportunity to purchase an autographed book if you wish, and watch the author personalize it to you or your child.

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September 9
  • 12:00 pm ET – Award-Winning Author Rob Quillen discussing his book, Why Wait? A 911 memoir. Register Here   

October 18

  • 12:00 pm ET – Award-Winning Author Sandra Warren – Obsessed By A Promise. Register Here

Meet the Zoom Into Books Authors Here

Spring Fling Author Celebration!

Thriller Night

  • Rick Robinson, Don Helin, and Eliot Parker discuss books, their new forthcoming books, writing tips and more. Trivia and Prizes! Watch Here


  • Tony Hylton –  discuss books, events, writing tips and more. Trivia and Prizes! Watch Here
  • Dave Shelton and Jan Thornton Jones discuss books, events, writing tips and more. Trivia and Prizes! Watch Here
  • Don Helin, Joel Burcat, and Dennis Hetzel Watch Here
  • Carl Hare author of Odysseus: On the River of Time Book One, discussion and reading Watch Here
  • Kevin D. Miller, Richard Hatin, and Karl Stewart Watch Here
  • Karl Stewart and Lee Doty Watch Here
  • Award-Winning Author Karl Stewart discussing his WWII novel, Seventh Cruise Watch Here



  • Kraig Kann – Discussing Can You Get Our Attention! and Golf! Watch Here
  • Jeff Weber, Stevie Dupin, and Don Helin –  discuss books, events, writing tips and more. Watch Here
  • Dr. Raymond Keller, Ufologist, discusses his book series. Watch Here
  • Heidi Ruby Miller and Contributors of Many Genres One Craft: Lessons in Writing Popular Fiction Watch Here
  • Dreama Denver, Joe Coleman, and Don Helin Watch Here
  • Author Harold Phifer – Surviving Chaos, How I Found Peace at A Beach Bar Watch Here

Children’s Books

  • Suzanne Alexander, Millie Snyder, and Eileen Cooley Watch Here
  • Tim Packman – Children’s NASCAR Book Watch Here 
  • Leonard Eckhaus and Grant Maloy Smith Watch Here

Watch these Zoom Into Books Presentations Now! More HERE

Coming Soon to Zoom Into Books YouTube Channel

      • Don Helin – During these troubled days, consider documenting your story in a memoir –
        • Don HelinMemoir Workshop – Research and Story Structure in the New Normal – Watch HERE 
        • Don Stansberry – Children’s Book – Crusty – Watch HERE
        • Dr. Raymond Keller – Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure. Meet the Venusians that live and work among us, conducting their clandestine missions of peace on Earth – Watch HERE
        • Rusty McQuade – Hygiene for kids with The Tattletale Bathtub! – Watch HERE
        • Pat DiCesare – Backstage stories from Hard Days Hard Nights with guest interviewer Burke Allen from Allen Media Strategies – Watch HERE
        • Dr. Raymond Keller – Rockets to Venus – Watch HERE
        • Grant Maloy SmithFly Possum Fly – Watch HERE
        • Sabrina Runyon – Sabrina’s Book – Watch HERE
        • Dr. Raymond Keller – Lady Columba – Watch HERE
        • Joy Held, author of Writer Wellness – Watch HERE
        • Don Helin – The Benefits and Challenges of Series Characters – Watch HERE
        • Sandy Tritt – Writing Workshop “The Gawking Narrator” – Watch HERE
        • Sabrina Runyon – Kindergarten Kapers – Watch HERE
        • Don Helin – Missing – Watch HERE
        • Rocket Boys Virtual Festival, sponsored by Theater West VirginiaWatch HERE
        • Voices From The Pandemic with editor Don Helin, Rick Robinson, Frank Pandora, Suzanne Alexander – Watch HERE
        • Leonard Eckhaus – If I Were A Pony – Watch HERE
        • Lynn Salsi – Firefight on Vietnam Brown Water – Watch HERE
        • Voices From The Pandemic with editor Don Helin,  Robert Furey, and Donna Leiss Watch HERE
        • Beth Kallman Werner fromAuthor ConnectionsWatch HERE
        • Jeff Weber, You Sound Amazing! Naughty & Nice Tales of the Music Business! Watch HERE 
        • Larry Lockridge  discussing his new release, The Cardiff Giant –Watch HERE
        • Voices From The Pandemic with Don Helin and contributor Diana Pishner Walker Watch HERE
        • Calvin Fisher author of NORTHFIELD: A POST-APOCALYPTIC STORY with guest interviewer Burke Allen Watch HERE
        • Voices From The Pandemic with Editor Don Helin and contributors Stacie Haas, Joyce Nissley, and Dennis Hetzel –Watch HERE
        • Dr. Raymond Keller – Stories Behind the Current UFO Flap –Watch HERE
        • Voices From The Pandemic with Don Helin, Lynn Salsi, Dick ViethWatch HERE
        • Joel Burcat – Amid Rage with guest interviewer Burke Allen from Allen Media Strategies Watch HERE 
        • A. Keith Carreiro author of the Immortality Wars Watch Here
        • Tom Bowman – Empowering Climate Action in the United States 
        • David Fisher – New York Times Best Selling Author with guest author Burke Allen
        • Kraig Kann Discussing the PGA Championship and Can You Get Our Attention?
        • Stephanie J. Miller – ZERO WASTE LIVING, THE 80/20 WAY with guest interview Burke Allen 
        • Elizabeth Moseley – The Garden and the Glen
        • Gerry Hadden author of Everything Turns Invisible
        • Don Bentley with guest interviewer Dennis Hetzel discussing his newest novel, Tom Clancy Target Acquired (A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel) Watch Here
        • Author of EO-N, Dave Mason with Guest Interviewer Dennis Hetzel  Historical Fiction – Canadian Aviators, Nazi Germany, a story of love and loss, cruelty and kindness, guilt and redemption.
        • Ken Conklin – Norvel: An American Hero 
        • Susan Chapman – discussion and reading of Grumpy the Iguana 
        • Ashley Belote, illustrator of Frankenslime with guest interviewer Burke Allen 
        • Jacquese Groves –  Sassy Sisters vs The Sock Monster
        • Lee Doty – Murder Mystery – Last Casualty
        • Derek McFadden –  What Death Taught Terrence
        • Larry J Hilton – Streets of Tears –  Historical Fiction 
        • Jared Dixon –  Corrupted: The Truth Shall Be The Nail In Your Coffin 
        •  Katherine D. Graham –  The Vow That Twisted Fate 
        • Award-Winning Author Dr. Raymond A. Keller – Flying Saucers and the Venus Legacy
        • Dr. Raymond A. Keller –  Finding Your ET Connection  
        • Nasir Shansab with guest interviewer Burke Allen – Silent Trees 
        • Marjory Henderson author of As Living Stones: My Five Years in Saudi Arabia 

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